Do you want better insight into your business?  Are you looking for ways to leverage your "Big Data" to make better business decisions?  Our Business Intelligence and Analytics Practice has been establishing executive dashboards, enterprise reporting and "Big Data" solutions for our clients for nearly 20 years.  Our clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries.  Many companies have struggled to successfully implement "Big Data" or "Data Science" practices in their operations.  Let us handle what we are good at so that you can focus on what you are good at. 

What We Do?

Our approach to Business Intelligence and Analytics always starts with identifying significant metrics and features to the business.  We will help you identify the right metrics to measure your business, select the most cost-effective business intelligence tool to use and most importantly, deliver insight to your team.  


Looking for insight on how your business has been performing?  We have developed numerous analytics dashboards providing our clients with insight into their businesses from key drivers of their sales performance to recent trends in their supply chain management.


See the case study below on how we built our client their operational dashboard to track sales performance. 


Do you want to make decisions for your company that give you the best probability to succeed?  We can help you!  We have built machine learning models to predict the likelihood of outcomes for our clients.  These models range from estimating the probability of success in upselling products to customers to predicting which parts will backorder.

See the case study below on how we helped our client using Predictive Analytics.


Confused on what to do given certain scenarios?  We have experience helping clients translate predicted scenarios into prescriptive actions.  We will work with you to understand each scenarios and define the appropriate actions given certain outcomes.


See the case study below on how we helped our client use analytics to prescribe the right actions to take.